What I Think About Global Warming

Global warming is a serious issue that should get more attention and concern from everyone. Crazy climate changes in the Unites States have finally shed light on the global issue, but not much is still being done to help the matter. As the Arctic ice caps recede and the Arctic sea ice disappearing at an alarming rate, it’s time everyone paid close attention to the consequences of global warming to help alleviate the problem.

But the ice caps aren’t the only pieces of evidence that something must be done about global warming. They’re only one pieces of the puzzle and a clue that the world is steadily getting warmer. The past 37 years have been warmer than the whole 20th century average, with the 12 warmest years on record happening since 1998. And for the United States, 2012 was the hottest year ever recorded for the nation.


The reason for it all is us. We as a planet are overloading earth’s atmosphere with tons of carbon dioxide, which ends up as heat traps that drive up world’s temperature. Plus, cutting down the earth’s forests doesn’t help matters since there are not enough green trees too soak up all that carbon dioxide.

Although it’s practically impossible to completely control the output of carbon, we can set examples and create standards and measures to reduce carbon output. It was believed that the U.S. was the leader in greenhouse gases, but it’s actually Asia, with places like China not exactly willing to limit their growth to reduce their carbon dioxide output. So it’s up to those willing to stand against global warming to correct the situation. Setting standards for cleaner energy and new technologies can make an impact in global warming. By transitioning from coal to cleaner-burning natural gas, we can reduce the numbers of global warming.


But that’s not all. If local, state and federal governments helped in the matter and made fewer government restrictions on things like home solar panels and implemented a nationwide carbon tax, its citizens would be more willing to reduce the impacts of global warming.

We have to act now to tackle the issue of global warming. We must do all we can to reduce our global warming emissions and look toward new and clean technologies to help us to that. Unless we take immediate action to help decrease the impacts of global warming, we’ll see more harmful effects on our health and our environment. If we do nothing, the consequences of global warming will continue to grow at an even higher rate and we’ll then get to a point where nothing can be done. It’s important to be able to do something now, while we still have time or else global warming will be the end to us all.

How the Tech Industry Will Transform the Car Industry

Technology has transformed the way how vehicles are designed and manufactured. It has also improved the performance of modern day cars. But all the improvements are not only limited to the car itself, drivers and passengers have their own share of benefits as well in the form of onboard gadgets. Any car enthusiast will have at least one gadget installed in his or her car. And these technologies will continue to change the auto industry and the lives of people as a whole.

The Gadgets


Here are some examples of old and new auto gadgets and their corresponding effects to users:

  • Car Stereo. Probably the oldest and still the most popular technological piece inside any car is the stereo or audio system. The most high-tech car stereos today feature wireless connections, multiple device compatibility, mobile phone capability, etc.
  • GPS Navigation System. GPS is the gadget that revolutionized the way drivers navigate. Now, there’s no longer that excuse of getting lost. The latest GPS systems can let you avoid traffic and even instruct directions through voice without the need for you to glance on the screen.
  • Onboard computer. The technology which still has lots of potential in the auto industry is the onboard computer. Computers help automate almost all the car functions and accessories. There are also programs and systems that are now capable of performing tests on your car’s efficiency, road worthiness, and existing problems.
  • Various entertainment and compatibility gadgets. These are the gadgets designed to entertain drivers and passengers like the newest Apple Car Play.

Better Driving and Riding Experience

The foremost change that people experienced from having smarter cars is obviously better driving and riding experience. Cars are no longer mere modes of transportation. A lot of people now consider it as an extension of their comfort zone. Technological gadgets and accessories have eliminated almost all the driving problems of yesterday. No one will ever get lost driving and everything can be achieved through touch of buttons.


Enhanced Safety

The ultimate goal of technological improvements on vehicles is really to improve driving safety. There are now; gadgets and car entertainment systems that won’t even remove your focus on the road, computer programs that prevent you from over-speeding, anti-sleep driving alarms, cameras that let you fully see your car’s rear and sides, sensors that detect closing-in vehicles, and BMW’s night vision technology that lets you drive safely through the night.  In fact, automotive engineers are now developing cars which can drive autonomously, featuring several layers of security and safety protocols.


Cars Smarter than Drivers

If there are positive changes to drivers and passengers, smart cars will also have their own drawbacks. And these will become more prevalent in the future when almost every aspect of the car is automated. Cars are becoming smarter than drivers. So don’t be surprised when people will no longer be able to drive manual cars in the future. And although gadgets ensure entertainment, they also provide driving’s greatest risk; distraction.