How to Make a WiFi Baby Monitor for Free

For new moms like me, we are always excited to buy items for our precious ones like clothes, toys, accessories, feeding bottles, and others. One of the gadgets that would ensure parent’s peace of mind is the baby monitor. When I was looking for the best baby monitor on, I found some really expensive monitors like the $230 Wifi Baby Monitor! You might already be tempted to purchase a set now, but do you really need to? Aside from its cost, you won’t need to use it long term anyway.

I was lucky to discover that there are several ways for you to make an improvised baby monitor for free. This involves the use of gadgets that you may already have. Your device options could be: computer to computer, tablet to tablet, mobile phone to computer or tablet, and vice-versa. The only requirement for any device is that it should be capable of video calling and can be connected to the internet or WiFi.

In my case, I have used my computer and Smartphone in setting up my unique baby monitor. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how I did it:

  1. greenWebcamSet up your computer on the baby’s room. I have chosen to use my existing computer for this project since it is more stable than a tablet or mobile phone. You can alternately use a laptop. Install and configure your webcam if you are to use an external camera. The good thing about detachable webcams is that you can flexibly place them anywhere on the table. Before moving on to the next steps, ensure that your computer is connected to the internet.
  2. Download and install Skype on the computer and your phone. The next step is to install Skype on both devices. Skype will serve as the program or platform for the remote monitoring of your baby. After installing, you should have two Skype account; one for the computer and one for your mobile phone.
  3. Customize the Skype settings on the computer. The idea is for you to contact the computer located on the baby’s room remotely. This requires the Skype program on the computer to automatically accept calls and initiate video calls. Log-on to your Skype account on your computer, and then go to “Tools” and then “Options”. From the menu on the left, click on “Calls” or “Call Settings”. Click on “Show advanced options” and check “Answer incoming calls automatically” then “Start my video automatically when I am in a call”.
  4. Increase the computer’s microphone volume and decrease its speaker volume. If you also want to hear the audio when you monitor your baby, increase the computer’s microphone volume. On the other hand, you might also want to decrease or totally mute the computer’s speakers to prevent waking or disturbing the baby with the computer’s noise.
  5. Call the computer’s Skype account to monitor your baby. Whenever you want to monitor or check on your baby, just call the computer’s Skype account using your Smartphone with your other account. Since the computer is already set up to automatically initiate a video call, you will automatically be presented with a live video feed of your baby and the things happening in his/her room. Your DIY baby monitor is ready to use!

As a final note, you have to remember that your mobile phone and the computer inside the room should be connected to the internet to function. For the computer or laptop, you can use a wired internet connection. But for your mobile or Smartphone, you will require a WiFi or wireless networks. A home wireless network is now a service provided by almost all internet companies, so this shouldn’t be a problem.